02 September 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Thai Musical Instrument

I love this song since Connie Talbot singing in Britain Got Talent contest. I was attractive with her sweet voice.

Last night while I was playing Khim for my sleeping grandma, I was thinking to play some new songs.

Then, this song came up on my mind.

I didn't listen to any music and play along what I had got in my mind.

So, I might make some mistakes but it's still ok :-) Check it out! ^^

And please ignore my messy scene of my house, hehe.

Hope you enjoy!

17 August 2009

Free Spirit Tradition

Today, I would like to show you what I did yesterday. It's not about cooking but I think you might be interested as it's one among our conserved cultures. I am not sure what is the exact name of the tradition but from my understanding towards this, I'll call "Free Spirit Tradition".

Why do I call it like that?

Regarding to Buddhist's concept of reincarnation, after a person is dead, the being will be born in other world. Buddha classified the sub-worlds into 7 types. I'm afraid it might be too complicated to explain here. Human or physical world is just one among them.

What world the soul will go depends on merit or evil that we have accumulated. The rule of kharma will justify where we go.

Some souls are still worried about something in family and some are not.

The first group will be still around what he or she is worried about. For example, if he is worried about family members, he will follow family members and help in the things he or she can.

This is why some people saw my granddad sitting in front of our house in the dawn. Sometimes, there was something I felt he's still around.

So, this is not good as he would not have a chance to be born as human yet. No one in our family will have babies very soon.

We didn't want him to suffer like this (It's been almost 3 years) so we consulted some experienced expert on this thing and then we agreed to conduct the ritual for granddad's soul; Free Spirit Ritual.

Relatives came in the morning to help preparing food to give to monks and people joining the ritual.

Transferred the foods to the temple

Preparing for the ritual. The bone of him was in front of the picture. We also had to prepare food he liked (when he was a human) with fruits.

My dad was starting the ritual by paying a respect to Triple Gems.

Family members had to give the flowers and cloth to the monks. In a ritual related with dead people, the number of monks will be even like 2,4,6,..

Our relatives were holding the banana leaf float which would be used for the Free Spirit Ritual.

We're preparing to float in next couple minutes.

The float was released while my dad was preparing to float a clay pot containing granddad's bone.

My favourite scene of Khong River. From here about 6 hours by boat will be Sib-Song Panna of China.

This is newly casino with sports complex on Laos's bank. It's the join venture between Chinese and Japanese businessmen. It will be opened on 9 September 2009.

15 August 2009

Healthy Dish: Fruits Salad

Today I'm going to show you how to make easy easy fruits salad with Thai ingredients. My mom prepare all things but she didn't allow me to take photos of her face so you can see only her hands.


Any fruits you want, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, lime and chille

(If you look carefully, you'll see I arrange them like a face with 2 eyes, a mouth and the hair with bang, hehe)

This dish has grapes, carrot, apple, mangosteen and Chinese pear

Lime, chopped chille and smashed garlic

How to mix them?

Put sugar and fish sauce into the fruit bowl

Squeeze the lime to get its juice! (As much as you want it's sour)

Mix them together

Yeah! Finish...^^

Hope you have a great taste of healthy salad ^^ Enjoy your meal!

Thanks my mom for all things she's done for this dish^^

11 August 2009

Temporary Stop Updating This Blog

Dear friends,

I am now engaged with some work which I have less time to update this blog.

After I settle everything, I'll come back ^^...

It should be not more than 1 month.

But you can still listen to music I practise and play Kim at the links "Me & My Songs".

Thanks very much for following my blog.

See you again ^^

- Beam -

07 August 2009

Naem: Yummy Salted & Sour Pork Sausage

Naem (แหนม) one among popular and yummy local food

If you have a chance to come to Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai or other northern provinces, please do not miss "Naem". Personally, it's one among my most favourite food as it's sour (imaging of it now and really want to have ones) with unique taste.

The taste of Naem can be different in each area depending on the formular the locals use.

Naem can be served as main dish or side dish or even a snack for drinker (alchoholism). To eat in a healthy way, you have to cook it first by frying or grilling.

However, you can also apply and mix it with other recipe such as fried rice (so delicious...wow) or some local soup with vegetables (also another of my favourite one)

Naem is made by pork or cow meat, but pork is more popular. The meat will be mixed together with other ingredients (shredded pork skin, salt, smashed garlic and Nitrate or Nitrite compound http://dnfe5.nfe.go.th/ilp/occupation/45301/45301_1.html (Thai)) and then wrapped in a banana leaf for 2-3 days before it can be eaten.


Naem might not be a healthy food as they put nitrate or nitrite compound to make it sour. You might get protein from pork or meat but also the substance.

However, it tastes very good and you can mix it with other ingredients to make your dish healthier. ^^ Let's have a look at the menu below;

Naem Grilled with Lemon Grass

Naem Wrapped in Wild Pepper Leaves

P.S. As the recipe I got are in Thai, if you can't find the recipe in web site, please email me at rinyabhatr@gmail.com , I'll translate it for you. (out of charge ^^)